There Is No Need For Alberta To Follow In Proven Foolish Footsteps

Dear Editor,

It is sad when people parrot PM Trudeau who has a world-wide reputation for uttering which could generously be labeled as untruths, such as CO2 is a pollutant. Alberta is known worldwide as the leading steward of our natural resources. This includes coal, oil and natural gas. We have world-leading technology in clean coal mining and power generation or at least we did until the NDP prematurely stifled it. Our oil and gas extraction is world leading and if not for the Liberal-NDP coalition Alberta and by association Canada would be an enviable financial position. Alberta is also a world leader in agricultural production and husbandry. This has been enhanced with the guidelines announced on solar and wind farms. I have been to Fort McMurray and up close the mines look vast, but go on Google Earth and try to find them without using Ft Mac as a reference. I have toured the mines and the land after being mined and reclaimed is in much better shape. The companies are cleaning up a huge oil deposit that has been leaking into the waterways for a long time.

Using Germany as a positive example for solar and wind electricity is laughable, rather it a good example of what not to do. I remember Donald Trump in 2018 at the UN warning Germany of the perils of relying on Russia for natural gas to backup their unreliable Solar and Wind energy. The cameras showed the German delegation laughing while President Trump was speaking. They are not laughing now. Germany even had to restart some coal-powered power plants burning lignite, the dirtiest of coal. In Canada we had our own example of the folly of so-called renewable energy in Ontario. There is no need for AB to follow in proven foolish footsteps.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB