Oil And Gas: Not Canada’s Whipping Boy

Dear Editor,

With reference to the recent letter concerning clean energy in Alberta. I want to state that although I have absolutely no issues with green energy in the form of solar and wind power, I do disagree with the views of some of its supporters.

- Comments about Germany’s commitments to solar power ignore their current energy crisis. The country has had to bring the old coal-fired power stations back online due to the absence of Nord Stream gas to meet minimum energy requirements. This demonstrates the complete lack of a plan B in an emergency.

- A recent CBC report stated that the vast majority of solar and wind power installations in Canada in the recent past have been in Alberta (Despite a much-criticized pause on development.)

- I have actually been to Fort McMurray and I have seen the open cast mining operations.

These areas have to be restored to nature by law (This is a totally different case from the Orphan Wells situation.) and several areas have already been regenerated

- The letter trots out the same old barb about Alberta being the country’s major producer of Greenhouse gas emissions (This is either 15% or 25% dependant on the source of the statistics quoted.)

- Canada’s Greenhouse gas footprint accounts for 1.5% of the world’s total so elimination of the Alberta Oil sands would have virtually no effect on stopping climate change.

Finally, the Oil and Gas industry has to be part of the march to net zero by 2050 not Canada’s whipping boy.

Yours sincerely.

Paul Greenhalgh

Three Hills, AB