A Standing Ovation To The Arts Academy

To the Editor;

OUTSTANDING! The Three Hills Arts Academy should have been given a Standing Ovation on Friday evening. The cast and crew truly deserved it. Each character was portrayed to perfection. Even the singing telegram girl, who played dead for ever so long without moving a muscle. Cast members interacted slightly with the audience, which added to the thrill of the drama.

We are so fortunate to have this talent in our community. We have been to many performances in other cities and venues. This is truly the best. A delicious dinner up the street at Harvest House then Free Parking (different game) No traffic to contend with.

Overall, it was a fabulous evening. It is too bad that it was only on for one weekend so that more could have attended.

Than Clue, Than Clue, Than Clue to all involved.

Deb Ruddell

Trochu, AB