How Does 60 Wind Turbines Increase Property Values Let Alone Attract People To Live In The Area?

Dear Editor,

This is an excerpt from my letter submitted to Kneehill County and to members of parliament regarding the proposed Lone Pine Wind Project.

My grandparents homesteaded in this area back in 1918. My father was a farmer and lived in this area his whole life. My mother still resides here. My wife and I have both purchased and inherited farmland which grew into a very successful farming operation. We have since retired but are very concerned with the LPWP that will be very close to our properties.

We have breathtaking views to the west and southeast from our property that will be impacted with the size of the proposed turbines. We live on a main gravel road that will lead to the north end of the project and are concerned with the obvious increase in traffic, noise and dust this project will bring. Including possible damage to roads and bridges.

Infrasound impacts, flashing red lights at night, the impact on property values are also a real concern to us! People have worked or are working to live on their land and enjoy the peace and quiet. How does 60 wind turbines increase property values let alone attract people to live in the area?

The environmental impact is also huge. Killing of many species of birds and bats that eat many insects will impact crop production in addition to the number of acres of productive farmland that will be permanently altered!

Another concern for us is reclamation at the end of life for this project. Are these companies going to reclaim these sites? Or will they continue to sell the project to new owners, and no one will take responsibility for reclaiming the land.

We have worked hard to build up our farming operation and home over the years so that we could enjoy our retirement. Why is it ok for a neighboring farmer to decide to have turbines the size of the Calgary tower that I will have to look at, but I have no say in the matter. We were approached a few times over the years about having wind turbines on our land, but we were not interested at all. We do not believe they produce enough electricity to make them worthwhile and we certainly do not believe that good agricultural land should be used for these purposes.

Dwayne & Valerie Weisenburger

Kneehill County