Freedom Is A Splendid Thing, Not To Be Trampled Under

Dear Editor,

Eighty years have come and gone. All that remains are some very elderly veterans, who somehow survived the landing at Juno Beach, going on to live sometimes, very ordinary lives when they returned to their hometowns. Many were from Canada, many were underage, lying about their age, in order to enlist. One of the most poignant, most moving photos is of soldiers landing in the water, pushing their bicycles towards the beach.

Although there are some who argue that this invasion was unnecessary, that Russia’s push would have helped win the war, we can only wonder what thoughts went through the minds of the young men, many who would not return?

From Newfoundland to British Columbia, there were those who would never again see the Atlantic Ocean or the fishing boards that bobbed precariously on her waves would never again go hiking in the rainforests of the west coast, whose youth vanished like fog, beneath an evil that has yet to be fully understood.

Fortunately, these men (and the women) they left behind are not forgotten. Today, many communities, across the country and in various places of the world, are remembering the sacrifice that gave us the lives we live today.

Freedom is a splendid thing, not to be trampled under by those who have taken that hard-won freedom to disrespect the rights of others. Tyranny can take many forms. However, by remembering those who gave up their lives, an important step is being taken to remind the world that these brave young men didn’t die in vain.

With respect,

D. Ruth Jewell

Three Hills, AB