Two-Year Delay, Both Ridiculous And Unnecessary

Dear Editor,

Re: Shoot and Ask

Questions Later

Whenever a vicious dog attack occurs, involving either an adult or a small child, the public immediately sit-up and take notice. This was the case in Calgary, involving a senior and three pit bulls, who broke loose back on June 5th, 2022. The senior, who went by the nickname Rusty, was innocently tending her backyard garden, when she came face to face with three unwelcomed 4-legged intruders on her property. Very quickly, things turned from bad to worse for this poor, defenceless 86-year-old senior. Poor Rusty didn’t stand a chance on that day in June 2022.

Immediately, a neighbor called 911 and shortly afterwards both EMS and CPS arrived on site. As a former combat soldier, I wonder why didn’t the police draw their weapons and pump the three vicious animals with lead? Basically, shoot and ask questions later. I guess that’s the difference between a police officer and a combat soldier. One is fully-trained to kill on the battlefield, while the other is fully-trained to maintain law and order in the community. Using lethal force is the last resort for any police officer to employ. While split second decisions made by soldiers on the battlefield could very well mean the difference between life and death.

When the sun set in the western sky the same day, one senior was dead and only one of the three pit bulls was euthanized. But, why weren’t all three dogs put down at the same time? All three were as guilty as each other, on legal grounds of guilt by association. This whole tragic incident could have concluded within mere days after this deadly encounter, but it wasn’t.

We all know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this delay of two years was totally both ridiculous and unnecessary. It would be another two years before the two other dogs would be euthanized through a court order delivered by the presiding judge.

The judge’s order was the only just and reasonable decision, which he could have made, based on all the evidence presented in this case.


Donald K. Munroe

Three Hills, AB