Help Preserve Our Rural Way Of Life

Dear Editor,

Unless you were one of the landowners living within a couple of miles of the proposed Lone Butte Solar project, you may not be aware that Acciona Energia is hoping to install a massive solar panel project, spanning 12 quarter sections, in Kneehill County.

I would like to invite all county residents (and those beyond) to attend the Open House about this project. The ad pertaining to this meeting is elsewhere in this issue of The Capital.

This is a chance for residents to come to ask their questions, express their concerns, and register their disapproval of the solar project and/or the Lone Pine Wind Project and/or the proposed transmission lines along Highway 583.

If you live in this county, this affects you! Residents need to make themselves heard to help preserve our beautiful landscape and rural way of life.


Martina Kranjcevic

Concerned Land Owner of Kneehill County