Working Until the Job is Done

To the Editor;
On May 2, 60% of voters chose change. Millions put their trust in a party that stands for justice, fairness and democracy, one that upholds the rights of women, minorities, seniors, the poor, the small scale entrepreneur, the first Nations peoples and the environment. They chose a party with vision and commitment to a future with fewer carcinogens, better opportunities, and safer communities.
Thanks to these Canadians, history was made and a future made possible. The New Democratic Party acquired 102 seats in Parliament, almost tripling the number of New Democrat MPs, and forming the Official Opposition. With unprecedented numbers of younger New Democrat faces and 41 women NDP MPs, parliament now represents more Canadian interests than ever before.  As the NDP Crowfoot Candidate I give you a wholehearted thank you.  Your support, energy, and trust are what gave this campaign so much momentum.
With 58 NDP seats in Quebec, Quebecers now find their social democratic values reflected in the federal New Democratic Party.  Quebecers are now able to fully participate in redefining a Canada that cares for people, and the environment.  Quebec no longer needs to feel alien -- it has a federal voice.
Across the rest of our country, many Canadians chose Team Layton's positive, progressive, and practical agenda. They too want a voice in how Canada moves forward through tough economic times, addresses inequities that cause real suffering, and makes sound environmental decisions for future generations.
Jack Layton wants to get things done.  He readily acknowledges Prime Minister Harper's position in forming government and as Opposition Leader,  Layton has declared that he will propose rather than oppose and work together with the Prime Minister for the good of ALL Canadians.
New Democrats take the voices of Canadians very seriously.  For New Democrats, it's not just about the vote, but continuing to engage all Canadians, including those who voted for us for the first time, in making change together, and participating to make sure the government is accountable. A New Democrat opposition will push for major pension reforms, guaranteed funding for public health care, and greater substance and civility in parliament.
It will work to revive women's equality, improve human rights, address aboriginal grievances and choose solutions for families who are finding it tough now in a deep human recession with huge personal debt.  A lot of good full time jobs with benefits have been replaced by part-time temporary contracts.  New Democrats stand up for those suffering such losses and we'll defend those who are most vulnerable.
Canadians will be watching to see if PM Harper will listen and truly honour our democratic parliament. Albertans particularly will be watching how the Prime Minister will deal with environmental protection as we face the largest pipeline oil leak in 35 years. Now it's time to turn the campaign momentum into action and together restore Canada to its past reputation as a fully democratic nation, an international peacekeeper and a country that distributes its wealth for the well-being of all those who live here.  You can count on the New Democrats to be working until the job is done.
Ellen Parker
Camrose, AB