No Consultation with Taxpayers

To the Editor;
Re: Front Yard Garbage Pickup
It is amazing how issues within our town get changed without any consultation with the taxpayers. The change to street garbage pickup is a case in point and an example of the arrogance of the administration and a complete lack of due process and public consultation from our 'new' council.
Our town, in general, has used back lanes for decades as the place for trash collection and rear access to our properties.  Taxpayers have been paying for maintenance service to those back lanes.  Some taxpayers have spent considerable sums and effort to construct areas for their trash. Along comes an arbitrary decision by Administration to alter the trash collection arrangement and our council doesn't have the leadership to consider the impact on the taxpayers, let alone consider asking for public input. Therefore, let me highlight some taxpayer feedback for your consideration.
Uneven footing is suggested as a reason for this change. The alleyways are in dismal shape and the town provides such minimal service to them as to have created this situation through neglect. The size of the garbage truck is also cited as a reason. The town does virtually nothing to control the encroachment of homeowners on the right-of-way of the alleys. It is interesting that the City of Calgary uses significantly larger trucks than our town truck, but the difference is they monitor access and deal with homeowners who do not follow the rules.  Another issue will be those homeowners who will put their garbage out on the curb the evening before pickup.  Won't it be lovely to have the neighborhood cats and dogs tearing open the bags so garbage blows around and ends up strewn down the street? Does the increased efficiency cited mean I will have a reduced tax bill or will the administration use this hour saved to actually provide reasonable attention to the back alleys?
Lastly, and this comes directly from personal observation, what about safety of the workers? There is significant danger running back and forth across the street with drivers passing the garbage truck. I would think that the cited threat of uneven footing in the laneways pales by comparison to town employees being hit by a car or truck.  Will it take a serious accident (or worse) for this potential danger to be taken seriously?
Come on Council, do what you promised when elected.  Show some leadership and have Administration follow YOUR directions. Consider the interests of those who elected you.
A vocal taxpayer
John Ruby