Garbage Belongs in the Alley

Dear Editor,
I read in last week's Capital the Town of Three Hills is going to continue collecting garbage along the streets instead of the alleys.The article stated the Town found this easier, cleaner and time efficient. I'm asking that they re-examine the facts and look all the aspects of this decision.
At the same time the Town is asking people to volunteer and resurrect the Communities in Bloom Committee, they are also deciding to decorate our streets with garbage bags.  If the Town staff found this system to be faster it is because a lot of the town residents did not know the garbage collection had changed to the street. Driving down the alleys, you will find countless collections of garbage that have not been picked up for the past six weeks. If everyone had been aware of the change, I'm sure the employees would not have had an extra hour at the end of the day.
My family lives on 6th Avenue, a heavily travelled street. Our house does not have an attached garage, or a front driveway. For the month of April, while there was a four foot high pile of snow on our boulevard, we had to put our garbage alongside our neighbor's driveway. Then, as the garbage truck passed by, the staff collected only three bags of garbage from one house.  Does our house not count because we have no driveway? Next winter, when the snow again piles high, am I supposed to put my garbage in the street? And, when there are various cars parked along the street, in summer and in winter, will the garbage collectors see my bags?
Being that 6th Avenue has heavy traffic and lots of cars parked along the sides, having a garbage truck drive down the middle with collectors J-walking back and forth becomes a safety hazard.  We were happy to accommodate the Town staff by putting our garbage out front for a limited time, but I shudder to think of this becoming a normal practice.  Garbage belongs in the back alley!
Debbie Platt