Resident Concerned with Front Yard Pickup

Dear Editor;
I am addressing these remarks to Three Hills Town Council: You may think this is a "garbage" issue but I would like you to reverse your decision concerning front curb waste pickup.
Twice this last month, my wife and I have both been out of town for business and the garbage has sat on the front curb for over 12 hours, where every Tom, Rover, and Hairy could get at it.
We have bins and barrels in the back to contain the garbage and keep animals from ripping the bags and strewing garbage everywhere. Imagine that garbage strewn over the front curbs of our town, rather than in the alleys where it is relatively out of sight until we can get it cleaned up.
My wife runs a business from our home, and the last thing she needs clients, (especially clients from out of town) to see is garbage sitting on our curb, Is this the impression town council wants visitors to have of our town, bags on boulevards, crud on curbs, litter on lawns?
I'm also concerned that the town will use the lack of garbage pickup to cease maintaining our lanes and alleys. There were already four times this winter when I couldn't get out of my own garage or alley to drive to my job. I teach out of town so I can't just walk. This is very disconcerting when you work in a situation where people depend on you to be there. After the garbage truck came through, I could usually shovel myself a path out.
Please don't "trash" this letter or "refuse" my request. The solution is at your "disposal". Don't "waste" time! Reverse your decision today and resume back alley pickup.
Sincerely yours
Cliff Spence