TroVal School to Undergo Modernization

To the Editor;
On Tuesday May 24th Premier Ed Stelmach, Dave Hancock Minister of Education and Ray Danyluk Minister of Infrastructure announced that 35 schools across the province will be built or modernized to cope with the growing number of students in our Province. We are very excited to share Trochu Valley School is included on the list of schools to be right sized for K-12 and undergo a full modernization.  Alberta Infrastructure is planning to move forward immediately on all projects and is hoping to have doors open for learning by 2014.
We would encourage you to thank Barry Kletke for his never ending support and dedication to our school and our town; even once his duties as School Board Trustee were over he continued to keep our school a top priority. Hats off to The Golden Hills School Division, Dianne McBeth, Dave Price and the Board of Trustees for their planning and commitment towards Tro-Val. We would also like to recognize all students, teachers, parents, alumni, and businesses who submitted letters of support towards this project.
Friends of Tro-Val Society will be maintaining contact with Golden Hills School Division to ensure we have the opportunity for a community component to our new facility and will be asking the community for ideas and support. This announcement is good news for everyone that Tro-Val serves and we look forward to seeing this project through to completion.
Friends of Tro-Val Society,
Kevin Hoppins (President)
Paula Kowalchuk
Dawnaca Martin
Andrew Fetterly
Chris Armstrong (Secretary)
Elizabeth Hoppins
Bill Cunningham
Chris Vokins
Denise Daniels (Treasurer)
Lisa Cheshire