The 'do gooders' have struck again

Dear Editor:
The 'do gooders' have struck again and so far they think they have won!
The frenzied fanaticism of the 'do gooders', (or as my Great Grandmother liked to call them, 'the interfering busy bodies') to have the world recreated in their image alone and saturated only with their values, is revolting and does stink most foul. The terminating of Guzoo and the stealing of a man's and his family's livelihood is infuriating, to say the least.
Moreover, the recent stories in the newspapers have painted Guzoo and its owner(s) in a mighty poor light. So where is the investigative reporting? Perhaps it is time to shine some translucent light on Guzoo and elucidate the other side of this story, or as Paul Harvey used to say, "now here is the rest of the story"....
Did you know, or were you aware, that Guzoo does charity work? Yes, Guzoo does!   The Guzoo folks, along with a few wonderful volunteers, visit local nursing homes/continuing care facilities every few weeks accompanied by an assortment of animals.  These animals were often a hodgepodge of puppies, kittens, rabbits, pigs, goats, lambs, baby donkeys, etc.
The rules were that every animal must have clean feet; be in good health; be either on a leash or in a cage; and all facility staff and all residents must wash their hands before and after handling the animals. It has been noted on several occasions that these Guzoo animals often were better behaved than some of the pets and other human visitors, who occasionally graced the doorways of these facilities.
However, the best part about the Guzoo visit was what happened to eyes and mouths of the seniors. I wish you could have been there on those Guzoo days and seen those wonderful smiles and the shining eyes of our senior citizens. No TV program ever worked such amazing magic!   I also wish you could have been there to witness how the timid or anxious seniors were calmed and reassured so compassionately by Mr. Lynn Gustafson in order to encourage them to hold one of the small animals and to stroke their soft fur. Please note that many of these seniors get very few visitors, if any – human or otherwise.   But these seniors always could count on Guzoo to make their day a wee bit special!
Perhaps now you will understand better what these 'bloody busy bodies' really have done. The 'bloody busy bodies' have deprived not only a caring citizen and his family of their livelihood and passion, but they have also deprived many frail elderly seniors, residing in the local Continuing Care facilities, of a few cherished moments of memories relived and a sprinkling of pure joy.
I do hope those 'bloody busy bodies' are happy now.  However, I am not reassured that this social media event will contain them for very long.  Accordingly, I have to ask...Who is next on the agenda of the 'do gooders/interfering busy bodies'?
Kathryn Kane-Upton, RN BScN
Rumsey, AB