Let's look at the big picture

To: Sustainable Development of Alberta, SPCA, Natural Resources, and other animal rights groups.
For twenty years Guzoo Animal Farm has been a refuge for domestic and wild animals. They have rescued and cared for unwanted, lost and abandoned pets and animals. It has added many wild animals from many sources and different backgrounds. Guzoo over the years has grown into a public Zoo after its humble roots as an animal shelter.
The recent events with Zoo check, facebook and government has caused a province-wide stir over the news media and (again) the mistreated and hungry animals.
Let's look at the big picture, Sustainable Development of Alberta, Natural Resources of Alberta and other groups have a lot on their plate fighting for the rights of animals. Let's look at some big issues in the province very briefly. There are thousands of domestic animals in big Alberta cities drinking bleach that we call water, breathing carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide that we call air, eating little brown niblets we call dog food, and being dragged by the neck and locked in little boxes we call dog houses.
Let's take a look at the mistreatment of domestic animals including cows, bull calves and horses at what we call the "The Greatest Show on Earth!" that is held every summer in Calgary. Let's discuss the thousands of birds and wildlife being turned away from wet lands and watersheds that we now call tailing ponds.
These are all the big issues. Yes, we could go on discussing and pointing fingers and criticizing, yes we have animal refuges; we license, protect and try to keep peace between wild life, businesses and natural resources. It's very easy to withdraw a zoo license from one man and this zoo is an easy target.
I would challenge the government of Alberta to take on these big issues, and be accountable to the provincial public that is concerned about our domestic animal welfare and our wildlife sustainability.
One more point....Where will we put all these Zoo animals after we close Guzoo? We can find homes for some, or maybe we could, as the past leader of our great province so eloquently put it, "Shoot, shovel and shut up!"
Keeping the peace
Jonathan Baer
Three Hills, Alberta