GuZoo Animal Farm Speaks Out

To the Editor;
The GuZoo Animal Farm would like to make some statements.
The report based on a 108 point inspection that supposedly contributed in part to the governments decision to decommission the zoo, is full of lies and assumptions.
The report was based on a point system.  Scoring 0 to 3.  0 meaning non-compliant and unlikely to be able to, and 3 meaning exceeds Zoo Standards.  GuZoo lost points and often scored 0 simply because the inspector failed to ask provision of information.
Although we know for a fact, we exceed zoo standards for the sizes of many of our enclosures, we were not granted a single "3" point for any of the 108 categories.
The inspection was done by four individuals.  Three of whom had a personal vendetta against Lynn Gustafson and the GuZoo.
The inspector who represents CAZA has no secondary education that qualifies him as an expert and he has less experience and zoo management background than Lynn Gustafson.
The government has given Guzoo 60 days to relocate 111 exotic animals.  During this time, Guzoo is not allowed to admit the public, sell any domestic animals, and conduct petting zoo or any off site educational events.  Essentially, the government has forbidden the GuZoo from making any money, yet expects Guzoo owners to maintain their entire collection in good order.  The government has made no apologies for this and has offered no staff or financial help to maintain the animals.
The government has told the Gustafson family will never be able to take any of their domestic pets off the property.  No trails ride on horse back, no taking a dog on a play date to the neighbours BBQ, 4-H animal projects by their children will be forbidden.
Yes, they can keep their domestics, but they may NEVER leave the property.
GuZoo has been told by a representative of the Minister that Wallace the lion, Bruno, Babbs, BJ and Evelyn the bears, and the 16 deer and elk will be shot.
The government denied that the recent Face Book campaign against the GuZoo has any influence on their decision to decommission the place.
To sum this up, our current government in denying all Albertans their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Livestock owners beware!  Our provincial government fabricated lies and excuses to justify the removal of personal property that will destroy the livelihood of the Gustafson family, this will ultimately affect anyone with livestock or hobby farms throughout the province.  It is only a matter of time.
If our government continues to be swayed by these animals rights groups, not only will the Alberta Agriculture industry be obliterated, but it will come down to laws restricting and eventually eliminating ownership of domestic cats and dogs as well.
These are animal rights groups that we know of. If you love animals and hope to keep them, please DO NOT give them money.
Zoo Check Canada
Voice for Animals
Animal Liberation Front (ALF)
Some of these groups of been declared as terrorists by Former President Bush.
Lynn Gustafson