Thank You for the Sweet Memories

To the editor:
My family and I are really going to miss the GuZoo.
My son Rik, who now lives in Victoria, posted a note on his face book that said, 'A visit to Three Hills will never be the same again.' Their two kids could not get enough of the pen full of gerbils. They'd go and look at some of the other animals, but had to hurry back to play with the gerbils.
Last year, my 16 year old granddaughter, Cami, and three of her friends persuaded Julie to bring them all to the GuZoo on a flex Friday and her comment was 'who would want to go to the Calgary Zoo when they can come to the GuZoo and hold the kittens and puppies, feed the goats, and put buns on the end of the stick for the camels?'
Ron's daughter, Mandi, was at the GuZoo when there was a baby donkey.  Lynn came across the yard with a bottle of milk with a big nipple, and handed it to Mandi and said 'you want to feed the donkey?' She was so excited to get in the pen with this very cute baby and feed him all by herself.
Thank you Lynn, and families for the excellent adventure and sweet memories you have given us.
Very sincerely
Dianne Leaf