A Tribute to Lynn Gustafson

To the Editor;
I would like to give a tribute to Lynn Gustafson - for all the years that he has brought smiles and laughter and lots of hands-on interaction with his animals to my Husband and I, our girls and the many friends that we have taken or met at the GUZOO! THANK YOU!
Lynn has got to be a 'one of a kind' kind of guy! He's someone you won't forget, for he makes everyone feel welcome who walks through his gates!
His humour and enthusiasm is contagious, and his love for his animals speaks for itself - from the careful handling of a skunk, to the respect given to a badger, to the tender care given to a 3-legged piglet...all speak of a man who is compassionate, and holds all creatures with high esteem and with the respect that they deserve!
I have seen the joy written on the faces of our Seniors who live at St. Mary's Health Care Centre, when GUZOO would come for a visit! From the cuddling of a baby kitten, to the gentle handling of a baby lion, to the hee-haws of the stubborn donkey...all were welcome, and for Lynn to see the smiles on their faces, that was all the reward he needed!
What a wonderful place for us to have picnics, be educated as to how to hold a wee bear, a baby lion? Have a run up the steep hill and see who wins? And we can't forget all those beagles, the camel who 'spits', and the times the Guzoo has lent out their animals to us for our annual Live nativity in Big Valley!...
A visit to the GUZOO has never been a true visit without seeing the Boss man 'on duty' - his warm smile and  laughter make us all in a better mood, and we always go home feeling like "Life is good!"
In Lynn's words, "It's a joy for me to watch others as they come to the Guzoo, or I go to the Seniors in Trochu, and I see the SMILE that the snimals bring to their faces!"
Although some animal faces may change at the GUZOO, our faces will not change, as those who support all that the GUZOO stands for, and the man who 'made it happen!'
...And that's what the GUZOO and Lynn have done for us!
With our thanks to you,
Sandy Wittenberg