Province Urged to Reconsider

To the Editor;
Re: Guzoo
I am alarmed by the decision of this department to not allow the GuZoo to continue as a zoo due to "the greatest concern that domestic (pets/livestock) and controlled (wildlife/exotic) animals to intermingle and may spread disease and parasites that could affect the public and animal safety."
This conclusion was reached without due diligence and in 25-plus years, there is no evidence of this ever having occurred. At least there is no record of it with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association or the Veterinary Colleges.
I am able to name about 30 ranchers who lease Alberta Crown Land for grazing buffalo, cattle, goats, horses and sheep which intermingle with bears, chipmunks, cougars, deer, elk, moose, racoons, skunks, etc. Am I to conclude that this practice will also be banned?
Under this administration, this provincial department is becoming increasingly dictatorial in its demeanor and given the decision made by the powers that be, today Noah would have been prohibited to build his ark.
I urge you to reconsider this closure and instead of condemning the GuZoo, recognize it for the marvelous tourist attraction it, in fact, is and put some constructive effort into the project. Residents of Alberta to whom I have spoken, without exception, feel that this closure procedure is very high-handed ad unpopular in the extreme.
Respectfully submitted
Nora M. Schmidt