A Shocking, Violent and Tragic End

To the Editor;
There are some things in life I will never understand.
I say some when I should say most. I don't understand politics, complex math equations, why Paris Hilton is famous or how to (properly) drive a standard, just to name a few.
And for the life of me, no matter how many times I go over it, I cannot understand how my dog ended up dead in the back of some guy's yard last week.
Oh, I can go over all the facts. Trust me I do. I'm even mostly to blame. In the fury of a late-pregnancy nesting urge I failed to notice when my dog escaped from beneath the gate in our backyard. By the time I noticed, it was too late.
Apparently, she was found by the old Fields store, which ironically isn't even a block from my home. Her "finder" bought a leash, called Animal Control, walked her all the way across town to his backyard and then tied her up to wait. Sounds like a nice little Thursday afternoon so far, but unfortunately, here's where things go sour. Upon getting tangled up in the rope that was holding her to the tree, my dog somehow magically became so aggressive that the only way this man could possibly save his own life, was to pull out a pocketknife and then slit her throat.
Forgive me for being so graphic. But I'm sure you can imagine how this shocking, violent and tragic end of our beloved pet's life has affected our family.
There are so many things about this situation that are just unfathomable to me. How did our poor wayward dog go from a yard escapee to a murder victim in only a matter of hours? How did things escalate so? Boa was gentle, trusting, terrified of thunder and a huge lover of cheese. She grew up with countless children who pulled her ears with alarming frequency and she never once acted out. She drove me crazy in thirty different ways, with her loud snoring and constant shedding, but there wasn't an aggressive bone in her body. I urge you to research Staffordshire Bull Terriers and learn about their breed and temperament. They are listed as "the most suitable for children" and there is no breed "more loving to their family." To prove my point, she and her "rescuer" had a nice, amiable walk all the way back to his house before she was killed. Unless she was threatened or terrified to the point of fighting for her survival, I don't see how she could suddenly become so aggressive that she just had to die.
I don't understand how this happened, I don't understand why this happened, but my husband and I are saddened beyond belief. I don't know your name, but to the one who ended Boa's life, I hope you regret your actions. I know I do. I wish I would've checked on her just a little earlier, that I hadn't been distracted by the sudden inescapable urge to hand-wash the stroller. But once I noticed Boa was missing, I anticipated the worst possible scenario being a hefty fine for having a dog at large. I never could have imagined something like this. In one afternoon, your decisions, actions and interference have turned the life of our eight-year-old, cherished family pet into a cruel, haunting tragedy that will remain with us forever. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers, like Boa, are known for their indomitable courage. I'm sure she showed it to the end.
I only wish you could have had the same. Maybe then our thirty-five pound, child-loving, stick-chewing little grunter would still be alive today.
Christine and Jeff Anderson