I Will Never Understand

To the editor;
To the person who murdered my nephews dog: Let me tell you a bit about Boa. She was a member of our family for eight years. She loved to play fetch, if she could pick it up, and you could throw it, she was game to play for hours. She was an incredibly gentle dog, she didn't mind the kids pulling on her ears or tail, or trying to ride her like a horse! She was so friendly too, she loved to curl up in the chair and sit with you for hours.
I guess I will never understand why you did what you did. I really hope that you did have the good intention to return Boa to her family when you took her, but there is just so many holes in your story that don't make sense. She was wearing her collar with her tags on it so she was clearly someone's pet!! I don't get why you didn't leave her alone until Animal Control got there.
So I guess I have some hope for something good to come from this:
I hope you never ever own a pet, or go near someone else's pet.
I hope you get help to understand why what you did is so horribly wrong.
I hope you think of what have done every time you see a little boy playing with his dog, and think of how my nephew will never again play with his best friend Boa.
Rest in peace Boa. At least now you are safe, and chasing sticks to your hearts content in Heaven.
Boa's family
Amanda Beeton