Truly Blessed

Dear Editor;
Recently over a weekend I developed double vision. On Tuesday morning I called our local optometrist and I was able to see Dr. Saetre and her assistants that morning because of a cancellation.
After very extensive examinations, I was referred to the Gimble Eye Clinic in Calgary for an appointment with an ophthalmologist one week later. There the personnel not only gave me another broad examination, but also told me that Dr. Saetre's referral assessment and report was one of the most thorough and best they had ever received.
All of this encourages me to say that we are grateful for the excellent care by our local medical doctors, nurses and medical personnel. I realize that at times we have long waiting periods (even at this time I'm waiting for an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist - there are only two in Calgary), but there are many areas on our planet where there are no doctors and where they have never even heard of a neuro-ophtalmologist.
We are truly a blessed community and province!
John Rueck
Three Hills