An Explanation Is Necessary

Dear Editor,
We need to clarify some misinformation which was recently published in the Three Hills Capital June 29th Letter to the Editor (Focusing on a much larger issue). An explanation is necessary to ensure the community, residents and family members are provided accurate information about the Three Hills Continuing Care facility.
In relation to incontinent residents only receiving one bath a week as per the letter, we would like to assure the community the care needs of our residents is a priority, In continuing care, all residents are assessed using a province-wide assessment tool which assists staff to create an individual care plan. The care plan takes into account individual needs including residents who may be incontinent and puts measures in place to provide them with the most appropriate care. The number of baths recommended within the care plan may be augmented if families or residents desire additional services. Residents can purchase additional baths, for example, but they're encouraged to discuss their requests and/or concerns with the care manager.
Reference was also made to additives in the food. We would like to clarify that nutrition and food services do receive some pre-cooked, frozen food. However, this does not affect the nutritional content. Food is pre-cooked and freeze-dried at larger facilities within Central Zone based on a menu created by dietitians. Nutrition and Food Services welcomes feedback from communities regarding their menu choice. If there is a concern regarding the type of food being served in Continuing Care, residents are encouraged to inform the care manager.
Alberta Health Services has upgraded equipment, including electric beds, at some facilities in other parts of the Central Zone. However, that was not necessary in Three Hills where all the beds are already electric.
We do have a shortage of staffing and, as a result, some staff are travelling to more than one site to assist us in filling our staffing gap. Every day, our staff work hard to provide the best care possible to residents in the Three Hills Continuing Care. Currently, we are hiring staff, including nurses and physical therapists. Positions are posted on the website at www.
AHS is committed to providing high quality care in all our facilities. We encourage residents, families or community members who have questions or concerns to contact us through their care manager or by contacting the Patient Relations Department, by telephone: 1-877-957-9771.
Cathy McDonald
Executive Director Seniors Health – Central Zone
Alberta Health Services