Hearts-in And Hands-on

Dear Editor;
Following such an event-filled Canada Day weekend, I appreciate this opportunity to acknowledge the many hands, hearts and skills that went into delivering the wonderful activities celebrating Trochu's Centennial. I know I could never name each person who fits into this category but 'you know who you are' and I speak for a large audience when I sincerely recognize one and all for your unique input.
Some of the highlights worthy of mention started June 29 with the ACE Communities "Servus Night at the Movies" in the arena park, which was even better attended than last year with over 240 enjoying "Karate Kid 2010". Then the traditionally fine Trochu Elks parade on July 1 was elevated to a whole new level, with the addition of several entries from our good neighbours  from Three Hills, as well as two excellent marching bands brought about by the efforts of Councillor Cunningham,  and our own amazing Tro-Val  band under the capable direction of Brian Vokins. In honour of our 100th birthday, Town of Trochu, has a 'travelling' float this year which has already won a prize in Carbon and has many parades yet to go. Hats off to Councillor  Cheryl Lumley, Bruce and Sandra Guard, local artist Eldon Walls and other volunteers, for an incredible job done. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Ag Society and volunteers who brought to life such activities as; the stock dogs, face-painting, show and shine, midway and the dunk tank (Carl and Bruce Campbell). The debut of the "Artisanscape" attraction showcasing  the many and varied local creative talents in the community, was organized and directed by Ilona and Phil Noble and hugely successful. Bringing to a close this jam-packed day, the concert by "Potter's Clay" at the Baptist Church,  followed by a spectacular fireworks display, was the crowning touch.
I had to miss the rest of the Trochu weekend events due to attendance at another well-done 100th birthday celebration in the village of Ferintosh, an hour or so north of us along Highway 21. We were truly blessed in both communities with terrific weather, passionate residents and  'hearts-in and hands-on'  volunteers to make these special celebrations not only come to fruition, but did so with excitement and joy. Yes, I celebrated Canada Day in fine style, but was also humbled and grateful for the freedoms we enjoy today, 100 years later in our vibrant and sometimes challenged rural communities. Because of the parents and grandparents of the people who are still making this land the best one to call home, we truly do have cause to celebrate Canada Day, not only this marker year, but every year!
With appreciation,
Val Warnock