Life In Three Hills Cherished

Dear Community;
It is hard to imagine that at the end of this week we will be moving away from this incredible community.
What started as a plan to leave Three Hills as soon as I finished my studies at Prairie, turned into 11 years of living life 'at home' in Three Hills.  Through serving as pastor at Manor Gospel Church, involvement at Prairie, the Food Bank, Ministerial, the Three Hills School and a few other things along the way, we have gotten to know many of you. Add to this Caroline's involvement at different places of employment (school, health unit and library), as well as the girls' involvement at school, sports, and volunteer opportunities in different places, and the network of people grows big fast! Wherever we were involved, however, we noticed that though life may not always be pretty, there are always people who genuinely care; people who will do whatever they can to help each other.
You, the people of this community, have made Three Hills much more than a place to live – you have made it home to us! Our children will always look at Three Hills as the place where they grew up.  Over the years we have laughed together and cried together. Now with the town's centennial on the horizon, I trust you will continue to strive to make Three Hills a community where people can not only reside, but make a home; a place where they can really live.
Now that we're moving on to take up another responsibility in Nova Scotia, we want you to know that your friendship, care and love will be cherished forever!
May God bless you!
Sweis Ubels