Vote No on Sept. 7

To the Editor;
Have you noticed the Bold print Jab at our Town Council  in the capital under Town Of Trochu?
It reads Back alley pick up in for ALL Trochu Residence. WOW! No wonder they always do so well in the Town Beautification contest. They may as well add "It's hard to fix stupid ".
But let's try, Vote NO on September 7th...Amen.
Linda Ellis
Editor's Note: The people of the Town of Three Hills will all have an equal opportunity to decide the outcome concerning garbage pickup. Council will act on the decision made by the majority, following a September 7 plebiscite. Stupid or not, a decision will be made and it's  obvious not everyone will agree on it. I would also like to compliment Trochu on their ongoing beautification. Their volunteers share tremendous community spirit. I would also, again, like to commend the Three Hills Communities In Bloom Committee for the wonderful work they have done on our flower barrels. They are so beautiful.