Vote In Favour of Front Yard Pickup

To the Editor;
IF you are in favour of front yard garbage Pickup!
Over 25% of town residents have NO choice regarding front curbside garbage pick up. Simply because we have no alleys. And we have no problems with it either.
Before I even begin to enumerate the advantages of the curbside pick-up let me make one very obvious observation.
The best possible way to "keep our streets clean and as uncluttered as possible of garbage bags"...AND free from garbage strewn about because animals have ripped open the bags, would be to put all household garbage in proper garbage bags and then put these into plastic or metal garbage containers with lids on them.
Proper garbage "cans" set curbside when everyone else is required to do the same is NOT unsightly.
Now WHY should I make an effort to go and cast my vote that indicates that I AM in favour of front yard garbage pick-up?
We might start from that old time consideration as to what is best for others, and in this case for the workers who are doing the task.
The advantages have already been spelled out, The back alley conditions, of mud, or ankle deep (or deeper) water, much deeper snow, untrimmed brush or trees and other obstacles in the alley, etc. NO need to shovel paths to the back JUST to put out the garbage, Remember we were also informed as to the amount of time is saved as well when front yard pickup is used. And the list goes on.
If we add to this the consideration that the garbage bags ought to be in bins, then we also allow that when the crew comes to pick up the garbage the bags are not covered in snow, or water, and there is no risk that the bottom will fall out and garbage be spread all over the persons doing the pick up, nor the yards (front or back) or the boulevards.
I have done town garbage pick up and wished that folks had shown a little more consideration.
Now folks, if YOU are in favour of front curbside pick up and do not take the effort to let Town Council know that you are, then the "NO I AM NOT" will "win" by default. The negative voice will win, whether it represents a majority or not, simply by being the "loudest" voice, rather than the majority voice.
With over a quarter of the town already "being in favour" let us recognize that we have not faced any of the supposed terrors that have been outlined. We have not been run down or run over, we have not encountered accidents with the truck. We have not had increased litter or "messes" (except from the same foolishness and carelessness on our part as would be on the part of back alley pick up, i.e. from not using bins, and putting out household garbage the night before!).
And hey, with curbside pickup, you might ACTUALLY make contact with the folks doing this service for you, and interact with them as you do with other service people about town. (Then you can remember them at Christmas time too, as real persons to whom you can show your appreciation with that little "gift". Remember how we used to do that for delivery people and "service folk"?)
I AM in favour of front yard garbage pick up on a full time basis, and I intend to let Town Council know this on voting day. Please vote to let the new efficiency continue, and consider it as an act of kindness to those charged with the responsibility of doing the pick up.
Grant Alford