As for Me and My House, We Vote , “No!”

Dear Editor;
I would like to respond to Grant's letter in last weeks paper. Grant said he never has had a problem with front curb pickup. I believe him. I know where he lives. When I lived in the peaceful district of Prairie Heights, I had no problems either. There were no animals in my garbage, very little traffic and no young lads racing up and down the streets in pickup trucks. If your garbage can or lid blew down the street, neighbors would know who it belonged to and someone would pick it up. It would come to rest at the end of the cull-de-sac, not blow out onto Main Street.
There would be little traffic in Prairie Heights to see the unsightly curbs, but I now live half a block from Main Street across from the funeral home. People come down my block all the time. If I am away for a few days, the garbage could be sitting on the curb for several days. When I get back, my can could have blown away. I have often seen garbage cans blow down to the end of our alley. It is more dangerous on a major street. Should we all build bins in our front yards? What a sight that would be!
The garbage men don't have to dodge traffic up in Prairie Heights. But what about 6th Avenue? I understand that in order to reduce pick up times, sanitation staff have been picking up both sides of the street at once, crossing opposing traffic. According to information presented at the town council meeting, roads in the new subdivisions are not commercial grade and are not rated for the new garbage truck. Will the savings of front garbage pickup more than offset the costs of repairing the damage done to these roads by the truck?
Back alley conditions have been mentioned on a number of occasions as a safety concern. Are those concerns not also applicable to me, the home owner? Mud, ankle deep water, deeper snow, untrimmed brush and trees are an issue when cars slide down the back alley, assuming the cars aren't totally snowed in which was the case for many this last winter. Trees need to be cut back for the power lines as well as the garbage truck. Back alleys need to be maintained for the safety of all including the residents. This should not be an issue for front or back garbage pick up. These concerns should be addressed no matter what the outcome of the vote.
Grant, you said to use a garbage can with a lid. My lids blew away a long time ago. When winter snow has been piled up by the snow plow, am I supposed to leave my garbage can in the middle of my driveway so no one can use it on garbage day? It would be a major balancing act to get the can to stand upright on the mounds of snow the town piles up on my front boulevard.
Ah, what a peaceful easy time you have of it up in Prairie Heights, Grant! Sometimes I long for the old days, sitting in my house on 8th Ave. blissfully unaware of how the other half lived. I would probably be as you are now, wondering what the big deal is. After all, you have no alleys and no choice. It is easy for you to tell others to vote yes for front yard pickup. As for me and my house, we vote , "No!".
(Don't forget the advance poll is this Saturday.)
Sincerely yours,
Helga Spence