The Forgotten Issue

To the Editor;
It surprises me that the issue that set off this whole garbage debate seems to have faded from view. That issue was the maintenance of the back lanes. In spite of the heavy spring runoff and summer rains, generally, speaking, our back lanes have been in better condition this year than in past years, due to front curb pick-up.
If the coming plebiscite means a return to back lane garbage collection next spring and summer, regardless of the weather, the lanes will suffer from the heavy truck traffic. Lighter household vehicles do not cause the same damage.
This could lead to calls for better care of the lanes. More gravel and grading which means more cost which could mean higher taxes.
Yes, it is a problem to some to put their trash out on collection day in the can out front but higher taxes will be a problem to all of us! People putting unprotected bags out front or back one, two or (yes) three days ahead of collection day is inviting trouble. Some areas of the province require two or three bins and no parking on the street on garbage pick-up day. These communities are not experiencing negative growth because of it.
Individual issues are important but those in town with no back lane and those of us who are content with curbside collection better vote for the change to stay or the individual thinkers may cause all of us an unnecessary tax increase, or at least swampy lanes next spring.
Out front and happy
Neville Wilkins