Vote for Proper Back Alley Pickup

To the Editor;
Do not vote in favour of front yard pickup. The over 25 per cent of town residents how have no choice regarding front curbside garbage pickup because they have no alleys simply do not recognize the benefit of having a back alley pickup.
The best possible way to keep our streets clean and as uncluttered as possible and free of garbage strewn about because animals have ripped open the bags is to put no food scraps in the bag. Cats and dogs can smell the food scraps and this is why they rip open the bags. What should we do with the food scraps then? Let me say first that we are losing one of the best fertilizers when we put our food scraps in our garbage bags. Dig a hole in your garden and put your food scraps in the hole and cover them over with soil and see the benefit later in more fertile soil. Oh, you say, we don't have a garden. Do you not even have flowers growing by your house? Bury your food scraps wherever you can, then. The cats and dogs cannot smell these then if you cover them well. You would not need garbage cans then.
I have lived in Three Hills for 16 years and I have never yet seen ankle deep mud in the back alley. Why shovel paths to the back? I put my bags full of garbage and tied into car or truck and drive out the front of my house and down the back alley to the back of my house and deposit them on the stand I have built there. I have never had any trouble driving down the lane. I have watched the garbage pickup many times and I think to say the front garage pickup is better is a bunch of baloney.
Water or snow will not cause the bottom to fall out of the bags if we use proper plastic bags. Sharp items might cause such a thing. Let's use proper bags and not put sharp items in the bag and not put food scraps in the bag.
Let's all be out to vote for a proper back alley pickup.
Douglas K. Sopher