A Great Place To Live!

To the Town of Three Hills
and her people;
This week marks our 30th year living in Three Hills. This is the longest either Marsha or I have lived in one place. I want to take this opportunity to express how much I have grown to appreciate this town and the people of this community.
To begin with, it is a beautiful place. It is a clean place; I have been in some very different spots around the world. I love the trees around town; the hoar frost in the winter is spectacular. I love the way so many people take pride in their yards tending trees and flowers and keeping their houses looking good. I love the flower barrels – especially this year
This is a peaceful town. I realize all is not rosy, but again I have been in some very violent places in the world so I appreciate the calm here. I appreciate our police force. Not all police forces in the world can be trusted like ours.
The health care provided in the town is amazing. Seniors are provided for in many, many ways. The volunteerism that happens in this town is phenomenal, much of it by active seniors. We have something very special in our Seniors Outreach program that many places totally lack. I could tell stories of other places I have been where what we have cannot even be imagined.
Hockey, curling, golfing, baseball, soccer, walking paths, swimming – there are lots of opportunities to get involved in exercise. There are some great stores where Marsha and I get much of what we need for daily living. There are many special services supplied in this town from great hair cuts to carpet laying to keeping our vehicle running. I think we have a great variety of great restaurants and I love eating out here. Not many towns have a zoo attached to them! Or a giant Christmas tree water tower that I look forward to every Christmas season. The Capital is a great little newspaper – though not so little I see by the numbers who subscribe to it.
There are two great schools here. I had the privilege of interviewing 15 young people for a job this spring. I would have hired any of them in a blink. This speaks well of teachers and principals in this town. My only regret is that there were not enough jobs in this town for them all to get work and prepare for the next steps in their lives which they all articulated clearly.
I appreciate the people I have gotten to know here; people from all over, as well as many people who were born and raised here. There is a neighbourliness and concern for each other that many places in the world know nothing of. This is a place where there are many people of faith. That makes a real mark on the character of the town.
Kudos to past and present mayors and town councils for the way they have worked to make this town what it is. May the Chamber of Commerce continue to be active and concerned as they have been in the past.
Next year is our centennial! Let's work hard to really celebrate what we have here.
Working in the museum and editing the forth coming history book have given me an understanding of the men and women who have gone before us to make this a great town. Thanks to them too. I am proud to call this place home. Thanks to all who make it a great place to live!
Glenn A. Flewelling