An Open Thank You to Community and Area

Dear Editor;
An open thank you to the people of Trochu and area:
The management team of Sunterra Meats Trochu  would like to thank the people of Trochu and area for their overwhelming show of support to our employees who lost their homes in the Sept 26 fire at the Dog Tired Inn.  Even as the blaze was in progress, offers of assistance for food, clothing and shelter began, so that everyone was well taken care of the first night, and within 24 hours all eight affected people had long term arrangements for furnished housing in place.
We would like to offer special thanks to the Town of Trochu, for providing food to the firefighters and the fire victims on the first night, to Tom & Holly Frere for providing accommodations at the Doctor's Inn, and to the Trochu and Three Hills Fire Departments, under the leadership of Trochu Fire Chief Lawrence Hogg, for keeping the fire under control. After the blaze was contained and cooled, all of the affectees were given the opportunity to don fireman's boots and helmets and search through the rubble to find important documents. Miraculously, all passports were recovered intact—sparing the victims, from both El Salvador and the Philippines, the need to make a special trip to their respective consulates in Vancouver to replace the precious documents.
Thanks also to Victim Services for their speedy provision of essential items to the affectees, to Peter Verhesen and the Trochu Food Bank for helping to restock the bare cupboards of our workers, to Janelle Atmore of the Tilley Thrift shop on the Prairie campus in Three Hills for opening the store to allow for discounted emergency clothing to be purchased off hours, and to our Sunterra Meats employees for both their assistance in providing food and emergency shelter for their friends and colleagues, and also for immediately contributing more than $1000 to the relief efforts.
Finally, we would like to thank the fine people of Trochu—too numerous to mention—who have done so much to make our foreign staff feel at home. Thanks to their efforts, when the Red Cross called with offers of assistance shortly after the fire, we were forced to decline their kind offer, as all of the needs they normally take care of in such emergencies had already been attended to—a fine testimony to the helpful community that we are fortunate to be a part of.
Richard Johnson, Ben Woolley, and Andy Woodland
Sunterra Meats Trochu