Trochu, a great place to live

Dear Editor;
We have always known that the the town of Trochu was & is a special place to live. People volunteering, welcoming new people into the community, raising money for Cancer (Pinkest Little Town) or just lending a hand to those in need.
A great example of this was on September 26 when our motel (Dog Tired Inn) burnt. People not only showed up to watch our old hall succumb to the fire but mostly to help our residents.
Someone, who had never been in our community before, told us they were in awe of the support the people were receiving.
Everyone was able to find their passports, which was great news for them. We lost our building but these people lost their home.
We would like to thank the Trochu & Three Hills Fire Departments. They did an excellent job of keeping our town from further demise.  Thank you to the Mayor (Barry Kletke) and all those work for the town for their support and giving of their time to make sure our residents needs were met.
Thank you, everyone for making our town one of the greatest places to live.
Bruce & Val McArthur
Dog Tired Inn