Questions need answers

To the Editor;
Perhaps someone could explain to me why convicts are being chauffeured to visit family when they are incarcerated?
Two times in eight months Drumheller Corrections have had a guard overpowered while transporting an inmate to visit. No government employee comes to drive me "free" to visit my family. In the movies, people visit inmates with a telephone and window or across a table. When transporting inmates between prisons, two guards travel with the inmate and the inmate is locked up. Visits are one unarmed guard and inmates sit up front as passengers.
This last incident was pretty close to home. The guard, who was tossed from the vehicle after being assaulted, was able to get to a young couple's home for help. There are children in this home, as are many homes on Hwy 587. What if it was the inmate who have gone to the home...?
Convicted felons should not be out visiting. When they are in prison we feel safer. But it is false security, as they could be going by our front door. This is also putting the correction officers at risk. If they refuse to transport, they can be suspended without pay. Lose a day's pay or go. They are trained well and work together inside the facility.
Safety is always an issue as with the RCMP but why do they make it easier for the convicts?
Paulette McArthur