Little option but to resign from the CWB

Dear Friends and Fellow Producers,
I would like to let you know about the difficult decision I made recently to resign immediately as the director of District 2 for the Canadian Wheat Board. To those of you whom I consulted prior to making this decision, I would like to thank you for your advice and direction. To others, I offer this explanation.
In recent months, as the Government of Canada has build momentum to bring about positive and exciting changes, several board members have resisted all change in favour of the status quo. As I noted in my letter of resignation to Allen Oberg, the chairman of the CWB, I cannot condone his and other directors' "continued lack of understanding and respect to producers in Western Canada.
"This lack of understanding and respect was apparent at what should have been informative, forward-moving producer meetings this past summer, yet your and other directors' personal fight to maintain the status quo has prevailed. You personally have said you recognize the need for proactive change, and that view is reflected by producers in the CWB's annual surveys. This, however, has not been reflected in your ongoing leadership or public actions or comments."
Also I noted that:  "More recently, the board's decision to take legal action against the federal government—even after hearing from our counsel and our external counsel that such a challenge would be fruitless and would have little to no effect on the government moving ahead with Bill C-18—shows a total disrespect for producers and the stable government infrastructure that underpins our society. The CWB has an opportunity to move forward and adapt with farmers to help them compete in the global marketplace. You and other directors committed to the status quo have instead chosen a path of self-destruction. It is truly an unfortunate day for producers of wheat and barley."
As someone who has worked for years to see wheat and barley continue to be successful crops in Western Canada my decision to resign is regretful. Being 100% committed to representing the interests and views of producers, I had little option but to resign from the CWB.
Jeff Nielsen