Dumping kittens, a rotten thing

To the Editor;
To the person who dumped three black kittens in the hamlet of Huxley: it was a rotten and possibly desperate thing to do, although possibly quite intelligent and far better than drowning.
We already have a full-grown cat who fortunately lives upstairs. Years ago I built and installed a lattice gate, full height, to the entry to the stairs. The large resident male cat is thus separated from the kittens.  He sleeps all day and is 15 years old. We have a very large dog cage that our dog Ruby travelled in when she came to us from the Yukon. Ruby died the 12th of September at the age of 10 years.
The kittens are well-fed and housed, warm, dry and being enjoyed. They have the run of the house during the day, while Sylvester plays in the evening and at night. The kittens sleep safely in their cage at night.
To the possibly child or children who "lost" the kittens: they are well-cared-for, warm, dry, fed and loved.
R.E. Witherspoon