Still time to step up

To the Editor;
It has been often said that the true test of character of either an individual or an institution is how they behave in an hour of trial or crisis. As one of the thousands of graduates of the oldest Bible Institute in Canada, I am dismayed by the responses of my Alma Mater, PBI, this past week.
What we have witnessed is typical corporate practice: rally the troops, circle the wagons, hunker down and wait for the storm to pass, and, above all, assure the alumni that it's really 'business as usual'.
What both we, the alumni, and especially the victims, have every right to expect is change. New policies and procedures in place to safeguard children, students and staff. A letter of sincere apology to all those who were harmed, yes, and silenced, on their watch.
I respectfully ask that both the President and Board of PBI remember that they don't just report to the RCMP; as Christians they report to a Higher Authority, to Whom they have thus far given such a dismal account of their stewardship.
There is still time for them to step up and do it right. I pray God they do.
W. Bruce Johnston, Ph. D.
Class of 1967