Trochu Valley School Modernization Project

Dear Editor;
I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the modernization project of Trochu Valley School. The architectural firm of Quinn Young Architects Ltd. from Calgary has been selected to do the project. Preliminary meetings are underway as they gather information before beginning drawings for our building. There will be opportunity for public feedback and input at a later date.
The completion date of the project is 2014 with the idea of starting the 2014-2015 school year in the newly modernized facility. To that end, it is intended to vacate our current building in June of 2012 and be re-located for two complete school years.
The location(s) are still being investigated. Possibilities include the Outreach building, the former Curling Rink space, and the Community Hall. Regardless of where classes are held over the next two school years, our programs will remain the same. Technology including Activeboards and wireless internet will follow us wherever we go. We will continue to offer outstanding programs in Industrial Education, Fine Arts – Band and Drama, and Phys Ed, to name just a few. We will have an extra-curricular sports program as well – offering as many sports teams as students wanting to play. Practice locations will have to be determined. The league games will all be 'away' games and teams will travel to tournaments much like they do now.
It is my hope that parents or community members who have concerns or questions about our school and its programs over the next two years will talk to me directly so that these concerns may be addressed properly. There is little to be gained from discussion around inaccurate information. I will be open and honest and am excited about our future and know that the end result will be well worth it!
Mrs. Debbie Barkman, Principal