CWB a good option for Prairie Farmers

To the Editor;
The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) has been competing for global grain sales for 77 years. Now the CWB is ready to compete for farmers' business.
We have developed a solid set of marketing programs designed to meet farmers' pricing, risk management and cash flow needs – in short, excellent products to create a well-rounded marketing portfolio. I invite farmers to register for e-mail updates at so they can receive all the details as they become available. We'll be offering cash prices, including futures-based contracts, and especially pooling.
Why pooling? Because it's the proven best strategy for generating the best returns – consistently, reliably, year after year. The evidence on this is clear, as is the fact that the CWB does pooling better than anyone else. Large numbers of farmers continue to tell us they want to pool their grain as a part of their individual marketing strategies. It simply makes sense. Look for pools for spring wheat and winter wheat, for durum and for malting barley. As we move ahead, we'll be consulting with farmers about the demand for pools for other crops as well.
Look for announcements about our contract details and handling agreements as we roll them out to ensure that Prairie farmers have options to deal with the CWB no matter where they farm. Our goal: positive partnerships that serve the business needs of farmers, the CWB and the grain companies.
There's a lot to accomplish before the beginning of the new crop year but the fundamentals are very good. We head into this new era with several key advantages: our government-guaranteed Triple A credit rating on borrowings; the fact we'll start the new crop year with a clean balance sheet; our unmatched global reputation and marketing expertise; and our longstanding relationships with customers who want to keep buying from the CWB.
In my view, it all adds up to the CWB being a good option for the Prairie farmers we're committed to serve.
Ian White
CWB President
and CEO
Winnipeg, MB