Thanks from the bottom of my heart

To the Editor;
I was enjoying my normal evening routine of watching my favourite cop show on TV. My munchies that evening were pistachios, which I have eaten for years. All of a sudden, my tongue could not fit comfortably in my mouth. Luckily, my teeth are of store-bought variety, so I removed them.
I called my wife to check out my tongue. She replied, "You are going to the hospital." We were greeted by Betty, who recognized a problem and sent me to ER and raised the alarm. Two very efficient nurses, Christine and Liz, had IV's and medication in me very quickly. Mel from the Lab appeared from nowhere to do blood work and helped with an EKG. Dr. Chari prepared me for an ambulance ride to Red Deer.
Richard and Shawn promptly delivered me to Red Deer Regional Hospital, where I underwent more of the same treatment. I was released the next morning, not much worse for wear. I'm back to normal (or as close to normal as I can be!)
I am much more appreciative of our Health Care Centre and the great people who work there. I assure you I will growl much louder the next time the government talks about closing our facility down.
God bless all who intervened on my behalf. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Evert Gehring