Be aware of Government legislation

To the Editor;
Every Albertan should be aware of the legislation our government has recently passed and how it affects us.
Bills 19, 24, 36 (Bill 10) and 50 all take away landowner's rights and withhold compensation. "The Bills give Cabinet Members powers that they have never had before, in a way that is without precedent in western democracies." ( Unless repealed, these bills will seriously harm Alberta's economy and freedoms.
Bill 19 allowed Cabinet to freeze any land without compensation and the landholder must get written permission to make use of their property. In June 2011, some limited changes were made to protect landowner's rights.
Bill 36 is a model for central planning. Cabinet will make a five year plan to decide what kinds of activities will be held on all private and crown land in Alberta - including water, grazing, timber, oil, gas and development rights. This is the most absolute power that can be put in legal terms.
Bill 24 is a $2 billion program to pump CO2 underground. Who owns that space? The government now does. There is no repeal or compensation.
Bill 50 is a $16 billion dollar plan to build three mega transmission lines. Taxpayers will pay 100 per cent of the cost which will triple power utility bills. Cabinet makes all decisions on these lines without a public hearing through Alberta Utilities Commission.
Check out Alberta for more details and make your voice heard to bring needed change to our government. Or listen to Made In Alberta at 9:30 am Saturday mornings on AM 1140 radio.
John and Elaine Tupper
Carol Tupper