Small Town Blessings!

To the Editor;
Don and I have lived in Seattle, Washington, and Tokyo, Japan. But we love living in small town Three Hills where I can care for seven items of business in one morning (it can take all day to care for one in Tokyo!), where IGA let me charge my bill when I forgot my wallet, where KAL Tire cheerfully checks my tires, and since Don is hospitalized, I can count on our friend Cecil Cowie at Home Hardware to give me a man's advice.
Then, last week, I was driving south on Railroad or First Avenue when I was seized with an extremely painful cramp in my right foot. I stopped and got out to walk it off. Suddenly a young man came from behind to ask if I was in trouble. At the same time a pick-up truck drove slowly by, stopped ahead of me, and watched in his side mirror to be sure the first fellow was able to help me--amazing! God bless you two--whoever you are. Such gracious concern for a senior citizen is deeply appreciated, and only found in a small, caring community.
Three cheers for Three Hills!
A blessed resident,
Vivian Bruck