What other western, democratic society suffers such horrendous losses due to gun violence on a daily basis?

The NRA stands for the National Rifle Association, a gun lobby that promotes the sale of all kinds of guns, especially military-style ones like the AK-47, M-16, M-17, etc and extended magazines/clips for semi-automatic weapons, and it promotes these sales through fear and through myths.

Last week an individual wrote a letter condemning Trudeau (I am in favour of criticizing any politician who cons us, who “gaslights” us, and who deliberately misinforms us with propaganda), but I profoundly resent anyone who looks the other way when his/her favourite party or favourite politician does the same things as Trudeau’s Liberals.

However, my greatest scorn is directed to that individual and to those Canadians who want us to adopt American values, in particular gun values. Don’t get me wrong! I grew up using all kinds of guns from pellet guns and 22 cal. rifles as a child to to M-16s and M-60s (machine guns) in the army.

I am not opposed to people owning pistols, rifles, and shotguns for hunting and for target shooting. However, I am totally opposed to the sale and ownership of assault rifles and machine-guns because they were developed for causing “mass casualties”.

The notion that the federal gov’t is going to disarm us is totally without merit (conspiracy theory), and just because we have to register our weapons does not make us criminals. If that were the case, we would all be criminals. Why? We had to register to vote. To buy and sell vehicles. To obtain a visas and passports. To attend a school or a university, or to do volunteer work (Victim Services; coaching sports; swimming instructors, 4-H, Boys and Girls’ clubs, etc).

So—-stop using that facetious argument that registering weapons makes us criminals!

Also, stop using the argument that if we don’t let people buy such weapons, that criminals will get them anyway. So—let’s get rid of drunk driving laws because we know there will alway be individuals who drink and drive anyway. Don’t have laws concerning bank robberies or store robberies because there will always be robbers of banks and stores. No laws against abusers of children, women and animals because there will always be abusers.

Furthermore, I resent individuals who distort history to justify their political ideology. Prior to WW 2, most Europeans did not possess weapons, especially military-style ones. The ones who did possess weapons were individuals who were hunters or who were members of gun clubs.

The fascists (Nazis/brown shirts in Germany; black shirts in Italy) came to power via the ballot box. Translation: They were elected to power, and once in power, they quickly eliminated anyone who stood in their way by using the the army and the secret police services (Gestapo; SS, etc).

Japanese-Americans were forced into concentration camps in the America because of racism, bigotry, and out-right jealousy of the properties they owned in the western states. Fear mongering was used to arrested thousands of these people because they were “suspected” of being spies for Imperial Japan. No proof. Just suspicion. Moreover, these citizens were lucky if they received 10 cents for every dollar they lost (farms, ranches, properties, etc).

Did we see the same level of mistreatment directed against the Germans and Italians in North America?

To the author who is promoting American values, especially gun values, may I suggest that he move to America (The grass is greener on the other side of the fence).

If he thinks, more guns, especially military-style ones, will make us safer, then he should consider the negative sides of living in gun-happy America. He will have to worry when his children and grandchildren go to school because they might be killed in another school shooting. He will have to worry about attending a concert (like the one in Lost Wages where over 50 concertgoers were killed and hundreds wounded).

He will have to worry about shopping in a mall/Walmart because of gun-crazed, gun-happy shooters taking out his fantasies or his frustrations on would-be shoppers. He will have to worry about attending a church or a synagog because of some “nut case” who hates religion, or who hates Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. He will have to be careful that he doesn’t offend some motorist who might have a very short temper with a semi-automatic. He will have to worry about his place of work because a disgruntled employee might show-up to “get even” with his employer or with his fellow workers.

Lastly: If he thinks more guns will make us safer, then he should consider these facts: On an average day in America, 100 people will die due to gun violence. Every 7-8 days, a mass shooting will occur. A mass shooting is defined as four or more people killed or wounded. Safer, eh?

Questions for him: What other western, democratic society suffers such horrendous losses due to gun violence on a daily basis? On a weekly/biweekly basis? Answer: Not——one!

Canada is not perfect, but it is a whole lot better (education, health care, environment, politics, equal rights, quality of life, etc) than the US.

Is “the grass is greener over there”? If so, then maybe he should consider moving there.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB