Electric cars environmentally friendly? I think not!

To the Editor;

The government is touting electric cars as the way to be environmentally friendly. In fact, it was recently disclosed that the Trudeau government is giving Canadian Tire - one of Canada’s most successful companies - $2.7 million(!) of our taxpayer dollars to help pay for electric car-charging ports!

Meantime the weather channel is warning that the lithium batteries in our smart phone fail at -20 and need to be warmed up—how much more so for electric car batteries!

Are electric cars really environmentally friendly? According to an article by the Matjaz Institute, the Lithium which goes into the batteries that power the cars is mined at various places. The BYD mine on the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau leaks toxic runoff into the Liqi river, killing fish and animals, including cows and yaks. BYD is the world’s largest supplier of lithium batteries for smart phones, and of course, for cars. The battery of a Tesla Model 5 has about 12 kg of lithium in it. Demand for lithium is growing more and more.

Friends of the Earth reports that lithium, no matter how it is minded, harms the soil and contaminates the air, whether it comes from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, or Nevada. These lithium batteries are a nightmare in landfills.

Cobalt (also used in electric cars), comes from the DRC and Central Africa and is very harmful. In the Congo cobalt is dug from the ground, often by children without any protective equipment, putting their lives at risk.

Electric cars environmentally friendly? I think not!

Dorothy Beam

Three Hills, AB