Saving us from what?

To the Editor;

Re: “Jason Kenney saving Alberta’s sinking ship”; 1/15/2020.

Someone recently claimed that Mr. Kenney was saving our province. To me, that is a convoluted assertion.

Saving us from what? Mysterious aliens/foreigners?

No, he is doing the opposite by costing us, the taxpayers, money by siphoning off over $230 million to private schools, diverting over $30 million per year to defend the energy sector, and by cutting taxes to the wealthy people of our society.

By cutting taxes to the top 10% of society, he is cutting public money to public institutions (schools, teachers, hospitals, nurses, social services, and to municipal governments). Meaning more property taxes and more user fees.

He could have gone the other way by instituting a 5% sales tax and by eliminating support to private businesses, but those moves would have cost him the support of his base, just like President Trump and Premier Doug Ford did when they cut taxes to the wealthy folks in North America. I call those actions “High Class Welfare for the Rich”.

For us peasants/serfs, we will suffer, but we will get our rewards when we go to heaven.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB