The NRA does not promote guns sales, it promotes firearm safety and training

To the Editor;

The NRA does not promote guns sales, it promotes firearm safety and training, ie: responsible gun ownership. It also works to protect law abiding citizens from the government infringing on their Second Amendment Constitutional rights. The founding fathers, having recognized that government can be a threat to freedom enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution.

I have never argued facetiously or otherwise that registering my firearms makes me a criminal, however until the Conservatives repealed the long gun registry, not registering my firearms did make me a criminal, subject to imprisonment. This still applies to restricted firearms; that is handguns, many military looking rifles and shotguns, magazines for semi auto centre fire rifles and shotguns over five rounds, all handgun magazines over 10 rounds. Of course criminals follow these rules (insert facetious comment.) Every legal firearms owner is registered. To possess or purchase a firearm legally you need a Possession Acquisition License, PAL, formerly FAC. you have to take a course, apply, pay a fee and be investigated by the RCMP, all things that the criminals do, (insert another facetious comment.)

I know this because I have taught the Safety Courses since day One, currently over 4,000 students, to the best of my knowledge not one has been convicted of breaking any firearms law. I have owned many so called “assault weapons”, never assaulting anyone. All the people I know who have similar firearms have the same record. Because you do not understand an issue and do not like what others enjoy should not give you the right to prohibit or ban what they lawfully own and use. Mexico has a homicide rate almost double of the USA, if you are murdered, I doubt you care how it was done, the Cartels like ISIS prefer beheading.

I had a Concealed Carry Permit valid in 35 states, it was great at the border when I travelled, as I was instantly admitted as I had been investigated by the FBI and was deemed a responsible person. Recently a Concealed Carry parishioner in Texas prevented a mass shooting by shooting and killing someone after he had shot Two people.

It is sad when presenting a point of view that someone who does not agree tells you that perhaps you should move to America, if I thought that way I might be tempted to suggest that my critics move to Venezuela, or worst yet, Quebec, but I would never wish that on anyone.

A scorned, facetious, resented, silo thinking, etch-a-sketchy, fat cat, native Albertan who is not moving.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB

PS - My grandchildren live in the USA.