Gratifying to see the recognition been given to Dr. Deena Hinshaw

To the Editor;

It is gratifying to see the recognition been given to Dr. Deena Hinshaw, our Chief Medical Officer for her calm demeanour and competence, we are fortunate to have leadership like this.

We are also fortunate to have Premier Kenny and the UCP rather than the NDP during this crisis. We would be more fortunate to have anyone but PM Trudeau in charge now, he and the Liberals tried to take advantage to the situation where they could assume power of a dictatorship. Fortunately MP (Pit Bull) Candice Bergen called them and they backed down.

We see many, including Canadians who dislike or hate President Trump criticizing every move he makes and is an easy person to dislike, but as a leader I would take him over our PM. When I compare them I think of the Calgary Philharmonic and a kindergarten concert, the kids may be cute and if my grandchildren were in it I would be there, but for performance I will take the Philharmonic.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB

P.S. If PM Trudeau was sincere about Canadians well being he would immediately scrap the carbon tax and the proposed hike. It would require no new bureaucracy, in fact would reduce it, unlike his other proposals. It won’t happen because that is not what the UN desires. May God soon rid us of this man.