Thanks to all who are working together to keep our system going

To the Editor:

I had the misfortune of a fall just before Easter which resulted in some bleeding, not wanting to be a burden I waited until Monday to contact the clinic, I was told by Chris the nurse practitioner to immediately go to the lab for blood work. I did and the lab technician, Lorry recognized that something was wrong as I wouldn’t quit bleeding. She asked me to stay while they processed the blood and then led me to emergency. I was examined by an intern Doctor who was extremely thorough and competent as were the nurses who attended me. The Doctor who was supervising happened to be Dr Chari, my family Doctor whom I have great faith in as he has rescued me several times. They administered an antidote to the blood thinner and as I write this I am recovering. I have, over the years received excellent care from our health care system and give thanks to them all, the front line, the support staff, the administrators and equally important the maintenance and cleaning staff. Our society does not work without working together, it is great to have committed people in our health system but we need people working to keep the trains and trucks running to keep food in our stores as well as those who staff the stores. I am reluctant to name anyone but someone who I have known for many years who works with Hiway 9 and is as reliable as the sun coming up and is the definition of dependable, Brian Bertch.

Thanks to all who are working together to keep our system going, albeit greatly crippled and to those whose jobs have vanished, it will get better but sadly not soon,

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB