Trochu & District Inter Church Food Bank is open and ready to help

To the Editor:

Re: Trochu Food Bank

It seems that someone in the community has been spreading a rumour that the Trochu & District Inter Church Food Bank (aka Trochu Food Bank) has been closed.

As long as I have been associated with The Trochu Food Bank (8.5 years), it has never been closed. If someone in our area is in need of food, that person can call the Trochu Town office (403-442-3085), and the staff will contact us.

From there, we contact the client. Afterwords, we deliver the food to the client because we don’t allow clients to pick up food from us.

There are now 39 food banks that deliver food to clients, and 5 food banks operate with municipal governments in order to provide tax receipts to individuals and businesses who contribute financially to those food banks.

We are one of those units that receives generous support from the town because its staff writes out tax receipts for us, writes cheques on our behalf, and even provides us a warehouse. Without the support of the town and the ministerial association, we would no exist.

Lastly, no one in our food bank receives any financial renumeration for his/her services. We’re strictly volunteers.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB