Ridiculous gun ban should be overturned

Dear Editor,

Nothing should surprise us from our PM, he has never seen A Billion he didn’t want to give to some country where it will disappear into some despot’s Swiss bank account. The latest is $845 Million to the WHO which shilled for the Chinese government over COVID-19, instead of increased funding there should be none. The sad fact is all of these funds are borrowed which future generations will have to pay back and present generations will suffer reduced services because of debt serving, a high price for his vanity seat on the UN Security Council. He has also done his best to destroy the oil and gas industry which if pipelines had been built could be providing revenue and jobs to dig us out of the hole COVID-19 and PM Trudeau have put us in. PM Trudeau is the more dangerous. His ridiculous gun ban should be overturned because of the rule of law, but this is Canada where as long as you are protesting the right thing, pipelines, rail blockades etc the rule of law does not apply to you and since to some firearms are politically incorrect, I don’t have faith in it here either. According to the PM it is quite fine to tell citizens by Order in Council that they cannot use their legally acquired and licensed property. Then to display his ignorance he declares that no one needs an AR-15 to take down a deer. It has not been legal to hunt with an AR-15 for decades, owners are only allowed to use them at an approved shooting range, also most but not all AR-15s are 223 caliber which is not deemed powerful enough to hunt big game legally.

On a happier note we are in the process of moving into a condo across the street from Anderson park, it is great to see people from little ones in strollers, some on bicycles with training wheels, people walking their dogs and some very senior citizens with walkers enjoying the park. The common theme, from the giggles and shrieks of laughter of the little ones to the happy smiles and prances of the dogs to the slow pace but smiles on the seniors is joy. Thanks to all those who had the foresight to dream big and those who contributed through finances and hard work. It is indeed a legacy park.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, AB