The pandemic has some positive side affects

Dear Editor:

Have people heard that the northern regions of the world are experiencing huge increases in temperatures? Must be from all the hot air generated by politicians around the world (especially from Putin’s cronies in Moscow, from the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing, and from the politicians in Washington, DC).

The pandemic has some positive side affects: the air is cleaner because fewer people are driving. The air quality has improved so much that in many cities around the world smog has almost disappeared

The waters in our lakes, streams, and oceans have cleaned-up as well to the point that people can actually see what’s in the water. For example, the canals in Venice are so clean that folks can actually see the fish.

People seem to be walking and biking more than normal. That is good since so many people had become sedentary (obesity and related illnesses were on the rise). Nice to see whole families participating in physical outdoor activities and good to see children playing outdoors again (People can actually survive with less TV, less cell phone usage, and less computer time).

Unfortunately, these positive situations will come to an end once the pandemic is over, and people go back to their “bad” old ways like we saw with the ecology movement of the early 1970s. Buy more of everything and spend ourselves into greater debt. According to Stats Canada and to ATB Finance, the average person in Canada now owes $1.72 for every dollar earned, and many businesses (credit card companies; auto dealerships; furniture stores (Leons and the Brick), box stores (Walmart and Costco) are already priming the consumers with all kinds of wonderful promises. Yes,Virginia! Materialism will bring us happiness.

George Thatcher

Trochu, AB